At the Tully Group, safety is our number one priority. We recognize that a great safety program is both a moral imperative and a financial necessity to ensure the continued health and well-being of both our co-workers and our company. We constantly work to reduce accidents and injuries to the lowest possible levels. Accidents are preventable, and we will never be satisfied until injuries and accidents are a thing of the past.

The prevention of occupationally induced injuries and illnesses is of such consequence that we give precedence to it over operating productivity whenever necessary. It is our goal to create and implement a safety program that is a leader in our field and in the construction industry as a whole. In order to achieve that goal, we integrate safety planning and preparation into every aspect of our operations, from estimating and bidding, to planning development and execution. Our safety requirements are consistently applied, and consistently enforced, across all aspects of Tully Group operations.
In contrast to a static program, it is our intention that our safety program will grow and develop with our company. We constantly reevaluate our safety performance based on feedback from employees, inspection results, accident investigations, and hazard evaluation; and make changes to our safety program as new threats become apparent. In a construction environment where it is impossible to monitor every employee all of the time, we feel it is imperative that each employee be given the knowledge and judgment to make smart decisions regarding their own safety. For this reason, safety training is and will continue to be the core of the Tully Group’s safety program.
Our safety program is headed by the Corporate Director of Safety, administered through a staff of safety professionals with diverse training experience. The safety program includes a comprehensive safety manual which establishes the company’s safety policies covering all aspects of our work, training, reporting, and record keeping. Our team develops a project-specific safety program based upon current corporate policy, addressing pre-employment drug testing, “Toolbox” meetings, OSHA 10-hour training, First-Aid/CPR trainings and near-miss incident reports. Continuing education and employee training are at the forefront of our safety and health program which also includes routine (daily/weekly/monthly) preventative safety meetings and jobsite inspections, formal accident investigations, recordkeeping, and our Drug & Alcohol Free Workplace program.