Tully Construction Featured on New York State Governor Website

June 15, 2015  

On June 11, 2015, Governor.NY.Gov featured an article about the shortened time frame for the Major Deegan Expressway, which Tully Construction Co., Inc is the contractor on. The new time frame brings the project to completion in 2017, two years earlier than anticipated. 
The Major Deegan Expressway (Interstate 87) is a major route of transportation for The Bronx, and the rest of New York City and many residents, including Congressman José Serrano are pleased that Governor Cuomo is ensuring the importance of completing this project "as quickly and efficiently as possible," for the thousands of commuters who use the expressway every day.
The project construction will include:
- Reconstructing the elevated highway structure that stretches from East 138th Street to the Macombs Dam Bridge
- Improving seven entrance/exit ramps;
- Installing 330,000 square feet of precast brdige deck;
- Installing a new, energy-efficient LED lighting system to enhance visibility and safety on the elevated roadway, as well as on Exterior Street below, where illumination levels will be doubled;
- Installing seven new sign structures and signage;
- Adding a new, permanent electronic Variable Message Sign on the southbound lane to provide real-time traffic information and general information to the traveling public;
- Striping the pavement on the highway to better illuminate lane markings;
- Replacing the outermost beams of the structure and making structural repairs; and
- Upgrading and replacing the drainage system.
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Drivers can expect to take their first rides across part of the new Exit 4 bridwage on the northbound side soon. Exits 4 and 5 will have detours scheduled through June 22, shifting traffic from two-lanes, back to three.

For the all the details of the current traffic patterns, click here