9A/West Street Promenade, Liberty Street Pedestrian Bridge - Manhattan, New York

The 9A West Street Promenade and Liberty Street Pedestrian Bridge project encompasses only a portion of the work LGAP team member Tully Construction Co. has performed as part of the Lower Manhattan Redevelopment Program. This project consists of reconstruction of the West Street/Route 9A, the design/build construction of the Liberty Street Pedestrian Bridge, and the access way to the 9/11 Memorial as well as other specialty projects added to the contract to accommodate the Port Authority. Get the details ›

Belt Parkway Bridges Reconstruction - Brooklyn, New York

Tully Construction Company in a joint venture with Posillico Civil began work in 2009 on the demolition and reconstruction of three bridges on the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn, New York – Paerdegat Basin, Rockaway Parkway, and, Fresh Creek; the work zone would be 2.5 miles in length. Get the details ›

145th Street Bridge Reconstruction - Manhattan, New York

This project completed by the Joint Venture between Kiewit Construction and Tully Construction was for the Reconstruction of the 145th Street Bridge near Yankee Stadium. The 145th Street Bridge is a 4 lane swing bridge over the Harlem River connecting 145th Street and Lenox Avenue on the Manhattan side to 149th Street and River Avenue in the Bronx side. The Bridge, opened in 1905, carries four 12 foot lanes (2 in each direction) plus walkway on each side. Get the details ›

Bridges 42 & 43 Over Neuse River on 70 - Lenoir County, North Carolina

Construction of Lenoir County Bridges #42 and #43, .445 miles of grading, drainage, paving, signals and structures. Get the details ›

Columbus Circle Reconstruction - Manhattan, New York

This 25 million dollar project was for New York City DDC. The work in this 225,000 Sq-Ft project would entailed the total rehabilitation of the actual circle which was almost inaccessible to the public for decades and the reconstruction of the roadway around the circle for better traffic flow and to allow greater access to the circular plaza and fountain being given a total facelift all this while approximately 60,000 cars used the circle daily. Get the details ›

2nd Avenue Subway 96th Street Station - Manhattan, New York

This project will utilize braced slurry wall and secant pile technology to achieve excavations with depths up to 85’ for the future construction of the 2nd Avenue Subway 96th street station. The project requires full “storefront to storefront” reconstruction of 2nd Avenue between 95th and 99th streets while maintaining 4 lanes of traffic on precast decking and full access to all buildings throughout the 3.5 year contract term. Get the details ›

Atlantic Yards: Long Island Railroad Permanent Yard Phases 3 & 4 - Brooklyn, New York

The Atlantic Rail Yard project is a joint venture between Tully Construction and Posillico. Previously, Tully Construction has worked with Posillico in completing Phases 1 & 2 for Forest City Ratner Companies and the Long Island Railroad. Phases 3 & 4 expand on the first two phases where the existing train storage yard for trains terminating at the Atlantic Rail Terminal were relocated down 30-feet from their original grade. Get the details ›

Whitestone Expressway Reconstruction - Whitestone, Queens, New York

Tully was awarded this contract in February of 2003 to reconstruct the Whitestone Expressway. This project encompassed the extensive interchange between the Whitestone Expressway and the Van Wyck Expressway which was repaired and modified, as well as replacement of the northbound superstructure over Flushing Creek. The Whitestone expressway was improved from Linden Place to the Whitestone Bridge, as well as to the Cross Island Parkway interchange under this contract as well. Get the details ›

Hartsfield Atlanta - 5th Runway - Atlanta, Georgia

Thalle partnered with the Artis Group at Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport, laying groundwork for construction of the 5th runway. Get the details ›

Nassau Expressway Rehabilitation & Resurfacing - Queens, New York

The Nassau Expressway project in Queens NY ($59M contract value) includes reconstruction of roadway and seven bridge structures along the major access road into JFKIA. Get the details ›

Southbound Van Wyck Expressway Safety Improvements - Jamaica, Queens, New York

Improvements to the southbound Van Wyck Expressway & Nassau Expressway Get the details ›