Alley Pond Remediation & Restoration - Douglaston, Queens, New York

In October of 2008, Tully Environmental Inc. was awarded the contract to restore the wetlands of the Alley Pond Park property in Douglaston, Queens, New York. Get the details ›

Astor Substation Brownfield Remediation - Manhattan, New York

Tully Enviromental completed a $10.2M Brownfield Remediation for Con Edison in Manhattan. The remediation effort consisted of installing a perimeter foundation retaining/cutoff wall, excavate down to bedrock and dispose of the 19,000 tons of petroleum contaminated soil excavated, treat and disposal of 300K gallons of contaminated groundwater and cleanout and disposal of 26 underground storage tanks. Get the details ›

CDF South Landfill Cell 1 - Cocoa, Florida

The work is the construction of the Central Disposal Facility (CDF) South Landfill Cell 1 that consists of approximately 41 acres. Get the details ›

CDF Slurry Wall Landfill Phase 5 Sideslope Closure - Cocoa, Florida

The work is the closure of approximately 28 acres of the northeast, north and west side slopes of the Central Disposal Facility (CDF) Slurry Wall Landfill (SWL). Get the details ›

Colbert Fossil Plant Ash Pond No. 4 Seismic Remediation Project - Tuscumbia, Alabama

This contract consists of remedial measures to the east dike of the Ash Pond No.4 at the Colbert Fossil Fuel Power Plant to reduce the potential for a release of coal ash to surface water during a seismic event. Get the details ›

Fresh Kills Landfill - Staten Island, New York

The Staten Island Landfill project is split into two phases. Phase 1 consists of capping the Muldoon Avenue Mound. Phase 2 consists of capping the other side of Muldoon along the Muldoon Avenue Corridor. Get the details ›

Cliffside Landfill - Cliffside, North Carolina

Thalle Construction built a fly ash landfill for the new coal-fired power plant at Cliffside Steam Station in North Carolina. Thalle was also contracted to expand the power plant's rail facilities and various other erosion control improvements in the area. Get the details ›

Wateree Station - ISW Landfill Cells 1-5 - Wateree, South Carolina

The Wateree Station ISW Landfill Project is a 35-acre, new landfill construction for South Carolina Electric and Gas (SCE&G). The ISW Landfill was constructed onsite as part of a major “Scubber Modernization” project by SCE&G at its Wateree Station Facility. Get the details ›

Lee County Ash Monofill & Compost Facility - Ft. Myers, Florida

Construction of a 20 acre expansion cell for the Ash Monofill and Construction of additional paving areas as well as the fabrication and installation of support buildings for the compost facility. Get the details ›

Central County Solid Waste Disposal Complex - Phase I - Sarasota, Florida

60-acre Class I Landfill Closure consisting of Earthwork, Geosynthetic liner, Gas extraction Wells and Piping, Storm Water Piping and Conveyance Systems, and Material Stockpiling. Get the details ›

Beaman Lake Embankment Rehabilitation - Raleigh, North Carolina

Thalle was contracted by the City of Raleigh to rehabilitate Beaman Lake. Get the details ›

White Oak Landfill - Waynesville, North Carolina

Thalle added a new cell to the existing White Oak landfill complex. Get the details ›

Hanes Mill Landfill - Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Erosion and settlement repairs to the existing closed landfill, as well as construction of two new landfill cells, adding approximately 17 acres to the active landfill. Get the details ›

Butcher Creek Landfill - Boydton, Virginia

Due to a Virginia State directive to close an existing landfill, the Southside Regional Public Service Authority needed the new Butcher Creek facility built on a “fast track” basis. It was just the kind of multi-faceted and time sensitive project upon which Thalle prides itself, and we mobilized immediately, launching the excavation the day we received the Notice to Proceed. Get the details ›

Orange County Landfill - Orlando, Florida

Thalle capped an existing landfill cell for the Orange County Public Works Department. Get the details ›

Tuscarora Regional Landfill - New Bern, North Carolina

Thalle Construction was contracted by the Coastal Regional Solid Waste Management Authority (CRSWMA) to perform a partial closure at the Tuscarora Regional Landfill. The project was part of CRSWMA’s installation of a new gas recovery and gas-to-electric power conversion plant. Get the details ›

Chastain Meadows - Kennesaw, Georgia

Thalle rerouted a creek bed and a major sewer line, installed a new earthfill dam, and added streambank improvements and stabilization in order to improve a trouble spot in the stormwater management system of Kennesaw, GA. Get the details ›

Hydroelectric Fish Passage - Columbia, South Carolina

For more than 100 years, migratory fish were unable to swim beyond a diversion dam on the Broad River. South Carolina Electric & Gas contracted Thalle to build a vertical slot fish ladder to allow American Shad and other migratory fish to swim upstream of the dam and return to the ocean. Get the details ›

McMeekin Power Station - Terry Creek, South Carolina

In preparation for the Saluda Dam remediation project, South Carolina Electric & Gas contracted with Thalle to redevelop the existing power plant facilities. Get the details ›