Business Opportunities

The Tully Group is committed to a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) participation program and providing contracting and vendor opportunities in accordance with 49 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 26. We strive to create a level playing field where DBE’s can compete evenly with any Contractor/vendor in their respective scope areas regardless of DBE, Small Business Enterprise (SBE), Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE), or any other disadvantaged business classification. 

Equal Opportunity for Subcontractor & Vendors

It is one of our core beliefs to give equal opportunity to all subcontractors and vendors regardless of minority or business status. We understand that most of the projects we pursue are funded by some branch of the Federal, State, or Local Government. In most cases, these organizations require a small percentage of work to be performed by a DBE, SBE, WBE or another form of Disadvantaged Business Enterprise. Meeting this goal for our Owners may determine whether or not the project gets adequate or additional funding or approval for construction. If we are unsuccessful in meeting these goals, we stand the risk of not being awarded a project regardless of whether or not we were low bidder. In addition to meeting the goals set forth by the Owners, we have set an intercompany goal that every project should have a minimum of 15% participation for all projects. 

Whose Responsibility is it?

The burdens of achieving these goals are shared between the Owner, their Small Business or Disadvantaged Business Office and the Contractors bidding the project. Owners use these goals to stimulate the local economy, encourage diversity in the projects they build, secure funding from Federal, State & Local governments, help remove the barriers for DBE participation by creating a level playing field, and assist in the development of firms that cannot compete successfully in the marketplace outside of the DBE program. The Small Business or Disadvantaged Business Offices serve as a communication hub for certified DBE’s and the Contractor, their goals are to assist the Contractors meet the Owner’s predetermined goals and maximize the DBE participation in the project. We consider the procurement of DBE’s an important part of our bid process and make focused efforts to meet or exceed Owner expectations. Every effort is made to meet or exceed these goals given their importance to the Owner and in keeping with Thalle’s DBE goals.

Have Questions?

Do you have questions about whether the Tully Group is bidding on an opportunity or project? Please contact us. Be sure to list the name, owner and location of the project and the scope of work you are interested or qualified for. For Estimating, please get in touch with Dee Philips (Tully Construction Company) at or Vincent Zannini (Thalle Construction Company) at For all corporate/business development please contact Pricella Andrew at